Bac Technology presents the case of Fulmine, in collaboration with the San Rossore Clinic

Bac Technology presenta il caso di Serendipity, in collaborazione con la Clinica di San Rossore

BAC Technology for Riders & Horses is pleased to share with the public the first of three important results in terms of resolving treatments of equine pathologies thanks to its devices. In collaboration with the San Rossore Veterinary Clinic (Viale delle Cascine, 149 – PISA), today we tell you the case of Fulmine, a 10-year-old Italian gelding, involved in the discipline of Show Jumping.

The grey horse had, at the end of last year, an important lameness to the front left; once the orthopedic examination was performed with an ultrasound examination (see images below), it was possible to diagnose a pathology at the insertion of the suspensory ligament.

The owner of Fulmine initially opted for conservative therapy, that is to say he put the horse to rest, which for two months was moved only by hand. However, after this period, the situation had remained unchanged, the degree of lameness to the left front of Fulmine was identical, nothing had changed despite the stop from the activities and the rest. On February 28, 2019, the staff of the San Rossore Clinic began a series of treatments (four in all), consisting of: infiltration of platelet gel (which is normally used precisely in the case of traumatic and degenerative pathologies – desmitis, injuries etc.) + treatment with VEGA Bac Technology (radiofrequency diathermy that accelerates the physiological processes of tissue metabolism) combined with treatment with EQUltrasound Bac Technology (ultrlow frequency ultrasound aimed at treating muscle, joint, ligament and tendon pathologies in sport horses).

Right from the second treatment, Fulmine no longer had lameness. To date (April 2019) the horse has resumed flatwork, and we are confident: soon it will also return to jump.