EQ-Diathermy is a radiofrequency diathermy that accelerates the physiological processes of tissue metabolism.


The device exploits the principle of endogenous heat production and the consequent biological activation for the treatment of numerous diseases affecting the musculoskeletal system..


  • Localised metabolism activation
  • Muscle relaxer
  • Increased oxygen consumption

Therapeutic indications

  • Analgesic and algo-sedative action
  • Decontracting action
  • Stimulating action for tissue metabolism
  • Vasomotor action
EQ-Diathermy: radiofrequency diathermy





Small monopolar electrode

Medium monopolar electrode

Small mobile reference


Medium mobile reference

Small bipolar electrode

Medium bipolar electrode


Large bipolar electrode

Monopolar trigger electrode

Adhesive pads reference kit


Adhesive pads kit




Pneumatic locking

Magnetic connector

Quick connector