Bac Technology has specialised in the design, production and marketing of medical devices to high quality standards. This result has been achieved thanks to the continuous investments in the research and development sector and the ongoing collaboration with a group of medical professionals on the one hand and engineers and designers on the other. Bac Technology stands out for being highly customer focused to offer solutions that meet a diverse range of needs. It is a company where people are at the centre and where it is possible for the customer to interact directly with the staff. Customer feedback is considered fundamental for the continuous improvement and development of increasingly effective and performing medical devices. Starting from the customer’s needs, Bac Technology can provide customisation of the devices, according to the customer’s specifications.




The Bac Technology staff are always at your disposal to meet any technical and operational assistance needs. A team of internal specialists and a group of external professionals are ready to answer customer questions and solve any specific problems.




At our factory in Figline Valdarno, Italy, in addition to the commercial and administrative office, we have our research and development laboratory, the mechanical production department, the assembly and testing department and the warehouse. Each product is carefully monitored at every stage, from design to when it is packaged ready to be delivered to the customer, with great attention to detail. For customers who wish to, it is possible to visit the company and see how the work is done in the various departments.



BAC s.r.l. (acronym of Billet Aluminium Construction) was founded in the mid-1980s as an artisan company in the engineering sector. Its customers belong to the aeronautics and motorcycle customisation sector. The company specialised in the latter sector producing its own line of products under the OMP brand.

With the experience gained in this sector, BAC embarked on a new path – producing devices and accessories for other companies. This path led to the decision to design, produce and market medical products under the BAC Technology brand. We started with products for the physiotherapy and rehabilitation sector which have achieved good results on the market. Then the first collaborations with sports associations and we finally reached the veterinary sector.

In 2015 the company obtained the quality system certifications ISO9001 and ISO13485.