BAC Technology devices at the center of the Master’s Degree Thesis on tenodesmal lesions in the horse

I dispositivi BAC Technology al centro di una tesi di laurea sulle lesioni tenodesmiche del cavallo


The BAC Technology devices reserved for therapeutic treatments of horses (Eq-Diathermy, Eq-Ultrasound and Eq-Pemf) were at the center of Master’s Degree Thesis / Course in Veterinary Medicine of the University of Perugia (AA. 2022-2023), entitled “SYNERGISM BETWEEN DIATHERMY, ULTRASOUND AND PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS IN A THERAPEUTIC PROTOCOL FOR TENODESMAL LESIONS IN HORSES ” by Sara Fantoni (Supervisor: Prof. Francesca Beccati; Co-supervisors: Dr. Simone Coleschi; Dr. Tiziano Pratellesi). All the BAC Technology staff congratulate and thank the new doctor Fantoni for her important contribution to veterinary and therapeutic research, and in particular for the in-depth analysis and investigation dedicated to BAC Technology for Horses devices.

I dispositivi BAC Technology al centro di una tesi di laurea sulle lesioni tenodesmiche del cavallo



Tendons and ligaments are connective tissues responsible for guide movement, dissipate loads, and transmit forces in a unique way, influenced by the anatomical location and the biomechanical stresses to which they are subjected. Collagen is their main molecular component.
Tendons play a crucial role for connection of muscles to bones, primarily transferring the force generated by muscles to the skeleton and facilitating the movement of the joints. Tendons demonstrate a high ability to withstand high forces, especially those involving tension, due to their passive and inelastic nature.
Ligaments, on the other hand, connect two bones and contribute to maintain joint stability during movement and to prevent sudden or excessive motions. Ligaments are vulnerable to injuries or inflammation because of exposure to biomechanical stresses, despite their complex and well-organized hierarchical structure, both in athletic and sedentary horses. This highlight the need for their adequate care and attention to preserve health and functionality over time.
Research in the field of rehabilitation over the last two decades has led to the discovery of new therapeutic frontiers, which aim to accelerate the healing process and to promote the return to previous athletic performances.
The objective of this thesis was to evaluate the effectiveness and the synergy of different physiotherapeutic techniques, including Diathermy, Therapeutic Ultrasound, and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields.
Thirteen horses were recruited of which 11 substained ligament injury and tendon injuries. Among the ligaments, had lesion of the suspensory ligament of the fetlock, one of the lateral collateral ligament of the fetlock, and one of the lateral collateral ligament of the elbow. Two horses were treated for tendonitis of the superficial digital flexor tendon.

An interesting effectiveness seems to emerge from the synergy among these three different rehabilitative therapies, based on the results obtained in this study. However, further research and clinical studies with a higher number of horses are essential to validate the clinical implications of this
therapeutic synergy.

(Press Office BAC Technology – March 29, 2024).