With Clinica Equina Andromeda: EQ-PEMF for tissue rigeneration

Con Clinica Equina Andromeda: EQ-PEMF per la stimolazione dei tessuti in gravi ferite

Vets  Troka, Losani and Del Taglia of Clinica Equina Andromeda (Via Romana, 240, 56022 Castelfranco di Sotto (PI), Italy) are documenting through social media the medical actions undetaken on a wound on the foreleg of a foal: to treat the infected wound – with the surrounding tissues unfortunately already in advanced stage of necrosis EQ-PEMF Bac Technology innovative technology has also been used.

Later on the wound has been treated by vets “searching for a tissue iper-stimulation using EQ-PEMF BAC Technology, switched on 24 hours a day and we tried directing the growth of new granulation tissue towards areas of bone exposure, limiting instead the excessive proliferation in wrong directions (to do this we used daily differentiated medical treatments)”


“After a month the wound was completely filled, the fetlock extension restored and the foal was able to walk normally”:

Con Clinica Equina Andromeda: EQ-PEMF per la rigenerazione dei tessuti